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The MaxSpect Gyre 200 series offers a wide crossflow of water rather than the traditional cone shaped propeller push of water flow, giving our systems some of the most natural water movement we have ever seen. Corals love the flow that comes very close to what they feel in the ocean. You get 5 water movement modes, 4 options to link the pump, 2 preset cycles, & Programmable 24 Hour Cycles.

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Dexter's Pet Products is proud to work with companies such as Maxspect to be able to offer you great lighting & water flow - For years reef enthusiasts have been fighting the good fight of water flow, trying to find that 'just right ' balance between giving our corals the proper flow they need to grow & also preventing what we call "dead spots" in our tanks. These dead spots allow for harmful waste, algae & bacteria to thrive. Enter the Maxspect GYRE! The Gyre with it's horizontal linear water movement leaves little to no dead spots as a result. Let's talk about why & the options that are now on the table like never before.

  • The MaxSpect Gyre 200 series is a game changer when it comes to water flow. With the Gyre's wide crossflow of water rather than a cone shaped or more direct push of a propeller, water movement in our tanks can give our systems some of the most natural water movement we have ever seen & gives our corals movement that comes very close to what they feel in the ocean. There is no more limitation on how you can set up the water circulation in your tank!
  • 5 water movement modes
  • 4 ways to link up the pumps
  • 2 preset cycles
  • Programmable 24 Hour Cycle
Your 5 Mode Options Are:
  • Constant - Steady Flow of Water
  • Pulse - Pulsing in a more Rapid Fashion
  • Gradual Pulse - Pulsing in a more gradual motion from initial first pulse to the last, with a peak in the middle
  • Random Mode - No set flow pattern that will change randomly within the minimum/maximum power constraints set by you
  • Alternating Gyre Mode - goes through periods of not only pushing water movement, but pulling it in the opposite direction as well to create an alternating flow within the minimum/maximum power constraints set by you

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  • The Hydor Koralia 3rd Gen Line is the new innovative & unique range of circulation and wave pumps, designed especially to work in reef systems. Higher performances, lower energy use & easy maintenance are it's main features. The design & guarantees a smooth start, continuous & powerful water flow, & can be managed using the three special attachments and...

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  • The Hydor Koralia Nano is Compact, energy saving, & is ideal to recreate in aquarium the natural and beneficial water motion of rivers and seas. Supplied with patented magnet-suction cup support for easy and safe positioning, Koralia can be connected to a controller and set to intervals of seconds, minutes or hours. Cable protector include (read...

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    The Hydor PICO 200 is a very small centrifugal pump that can be used in Marine environments as well as freshwater aquariums as well. They feature flow control & require a low water level to function. They have a flow rate of 200 GPH & they require very low power consumption.

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    The Hydor EVO 180 is a very small circulation pump that can be used in Marine environments as well as freshwater aquariums as well. They use a safe magnet + suction cup design to adhere to your tank. Featuring a flow control with a max of 180 gph & can rotate 360 degrees.

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  • Maxi-Jet® multi-use water pumps are 3 pumps in one: power head, utility pump, & now featuring a circulation pump option. Power undergravel filters, run wavemaker timers, run small fountains, calcium reactors & skimmers. Contains an in-box conversion kit, turn the power head into a prop style circulation pump for ultimate water movement inside the...

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  • Supreme® Aqua-Mag Series Pumps - Made for over 20 years with efficient, quiet & reliable 24/7 performance. Aqua-Mags are ideal in either saltwater or freshwater environments & operate equally well in-line or submerged. With only one moving part, a magnetically driven impeller and an epoxy-encased power unit, there’s never a fear that they will contaminate...

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  • Sicce's Syncra Silent: a flow regulated pump line of a new generation, extreme silence & saving energy. Use in freshwater & marine aquariums, terrariums & turtle tanks, protein skimmers, water-cooling, indoor & outdoor fountains. A high performance, extremely silent pump with thermal protection to avoid overheating & comes with junctions & threaded tubing...

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