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Sicce's Syncra Silent: a flow regulated pump line of a new generation, extreme silence & saving energy. Use in freshwater & marine aquariums, terrariums & turtle tanks, protein skimmers, water-cooling, indoor & outdoor fountains. A high performance, extremely silent pump with thermal protection to avoid overheating & comes with junctions & threaded tubing that simplifies connection.

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Dexter's Pet Products is very proud to work with Italian Brand Sicce. Sicce Offers Quality Products that we are happy to offer to our customers. Syncra Silent: a pump line of new generation, created to pair elevated performances with extreme silence and energy saving. Thanks to their innovative technology, these pumps can be used in a great number of different applications. In fact, Syncra Silent pumps are ideal for fresh water and marine aquariums, terrariums and turtle tanks, protein skimmers, water-cooling, indoor and outdoor fountains and for any other application that requires a high performance, exremely silent pump. All the Syncra Silent line can be used with the Wet & Dry application, thanks to a thermal protection that avoids overheating. The pumps come with junctions and threaded tubing that simplifies connections.

Syncra Silent Line Highlights:

  • Design
  • Reliability
  • 100% silence
  • Superior technology

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  • Sicce's Syncra SDC: This is a Pump Like No Other. The SDC Series has built in thermal protection, can be controlled by a controller or directly from your smartphone. Adjust your flow rates & Control multiple pumps from one loctation. Get as technical as you'd like or keep it simple all the while using a product that you can trust & depend on. You will not...

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  • The Original Cobalt MJ multi-use submersible pump & power head is built to perform & last under most conditions. Ideal for wave makers, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, nano aquariums, under gravel filters & hydroponic applications in both a Marine & Freshwater Environment. Sizes Range to offer you the flow rate that best suits your needs.

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