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The Hydor EVO 180 is a very small circulation pump that can be used in Marine environments as well as freshwater aquariums as well. They use a safe magnet + suction cup design to adhere to your tank. Featuring a flow control with a max of 180 gph & can rotate 360 degrees.

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Dexter's Pet Products is happy to work with companies such as Hydor to offer you an innovative & unique range of circulation & wave pumps. Since 1984 Hydor has been offering their customers a wide range of aquarium & pond equipment. They offer products that are innovative & some of the highest-technology on the market. Hydor's research & development team is one of the leaders in the industry, which is what allows them to be a top competitor in 50 nations & keeps them in tune with technology as it evolves.

Sphere joint: adjustable flow direction. Flow control. Suitable for use with Rotating Water Deflector. Magnet- Suction cup support included: free positioning.

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  • The Hydor Koralia 3rd Gen Line is the new innovative & unique range of circulation and wave pumps, designed especially to work in reef systems. Higher performances, lower energy use & easy maintenance are it's main features. The design & guarantees a smooth start, continuous & powerful water flow, & can be managed using the three special attachments and...

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  • The Hydor Koralia Nano is Compact, energy saving, & is ideal to recreate in aquarium the natural and beneficial water motion of rivers and seas. Supplied with patented magnet-suction cup support for easy and safe positioning, Koralia can be connected to a controller and set to intervals of seconds, minutes or hours. Cable protector include (read...

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    The Hydor PICO 200 is a very small centrifugal pump that can be used in Marine environments as well as freshwater aquariums as well. They feature flow control & require a low water level to function. They have a flow rate of 200 GPH & they require very low power consumption.

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  • Maxi-Jet® multi-use water pumps are 3 pumps in one: power head, utility pump, & now featuring a circulation pump option. Power undergravel filters, run wavemaker timers, run small fountains, calcium reactors & skimmers. Contains an in-box conversion kit, turn the power head into a prop style circulation pump for ultimate water movement inside the...

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  • Supreme® Aqua-Mag Series Pumps - Made for over 20 years with efficient, quiet & reliable 24/7 performance. Aqua-Mags are ideal in either saltwater or freshwater environments & operate equally well in-line or submerged. With only one moving part, a magnetically driven impeller and an epoxy-encased power unit, there’s never a fear that they will contaminate...

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  • Sicce's Syncra Silent: a flow regulated pump line of a new generation, extreme silence & saving energy. Use in freshwater & marine aquariums, terrariums & turtle tanks, protein skimmers, water-cooling, indoor & outdoor fountains. A high performance, extremely silent pump with thermal protection to avoid overheating & comes with junctions & threaded tubing...

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  • Sicce's Voyager Nano: THE SMALLEST STREAM PUMP for MARINE or FRESHWATER AQUARIUMS at 270GPH. It's Extremely Compact with Low Energy Consumption. Equipped with AUTO-CLEANING and LUBRICATING System of the impeller Chamber & Includes VIBRATION-ABSORBING MAGNETIC SUPPORT for Aquarium Glass up to 12mm. 100% MADE IN ITALY with a 36 Month Warranty through Sicce.

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