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AQUATOP Titaniums are fully submersible & are super sturdy, while offering a compact design for versatile placement. They are virtually unbreakable due to the titanium heating element. All units have a remote sensor, placed away from heating element to give a easy-to-read, correct & accurate reading throughout your aquarium. Super easy to adjust the settings without getting your hands wet.

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Dexter's Pet Products is extremely happy to work with Aquatop Heaters to ensure you are getting a high quality aquarium heater that will work well & last for years to come: AQUATOP's fully submersible titanium heaters are super sturdy and offer a compact design for versatile placement. This series of aquarium heaters is virtually unbreakable due to its titanium heating element construct. All the titanium units have a remote sensor that can be placed away from the titanium heating element to ensure a correct and accurate temperature throughout your aquarium. The remote external thermostat has an easy-to-read temperature indicator and makes it easy to adjust the temperature setting without getting your hands wet.

  • Temperature range is 68F - 92F
  • Ultra tough titanium construct
  • Easy-to-read temperature indicator
  • Remote sensor for accurate temperatures
  • For fresh or saltwater system
  • Voltage/Freq: 110V/50-60Hz

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  • Aquatop's DDC-800 Digital Controller/TH-800W Titanium Heater Combo offers precise control to ensure stable water temperatures. Highly visible dual digital LED display & includes adjustable high & low temperature settings with audio alerts. Three-prong receptacles & offers overheating protection. Highly accurate digital controller perfect for saltwater &...

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  • These fully submersible aquarium heaters will work in both freshwater & saltwater environments. Use the adjustable temperature dial to click through each degree for accuracy, the thermal switch automatically turns off past max preset & resets once the temperature lowers, uses an advanced mica core heating element for efficient heat transfer & durability,...

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