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Like most companies, we started out as a dream or an idea. Dexter has been a part of the aquatic hobby for over 30 years and has been actively in the aquatic retail industry for over 8. For years Dexter had noticed a need & desire for a high quality Aquarium Divider that would not only function properly, but that would last. The research & development process began. Years of extensive testing ended up helping Dexter to produce a patent-pending divider that would be the highest quality aquarium divider on the market. The dreams & ideas were now becoming a reality. Not only were these "Dexter's Dividers" made of the highest quality materials, but they were manufactured & assembled all in North Carolina, USA. Dexter's love for pets and the aquatic & reptile industry has now grown into much more than aquarium dividers. Dexter's relationships with many of the industry's top companies have given him the opportunity to offer you many other products you know & love, along with some new & innovative products created by Dexter's Pet Products. All of this in the same place, dexterspetproducts.com 

Dexter isn't in the business to simply make a quick buck, Dexter believes in serving his customers by providing high quality products at a great price, offering great customer service, & building lasting relationships with his customers. Dexter's Pet Products exists so that everyone can continue or begin to enjoy the hobby that has brought Dexter many years of happiness! 

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Dexter's Pet Products is located in North Carolina 

Dexter's Pet Products is all about supporting it's local community. Dexter believes that by being an active part of his community & keeping his company local it allows him to be a day to day part in offering the highest quality products to his customers. In turn, Dexter is offering jobs to his fellow neighbors to help in keeping this belief a reality. It's in a hands on approach that this company began and it's that same fiber of thought that is woven into what you'll find here at Dexter's Pet Products. Dexter's Pet Products continues to create innovative & modern products, but doing so with an 'old fashioned' approach to doing business, treating customers as the valuable & important entities that they are.

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